Patient Reviews

Leslie B.

I don't write reviews regularly unless I am happily satisfied & feel the urge to share so that others can have a positive experience.

TRUST!!! It's such a simple sounding, easy to pronounce, one syllabled word and yet, the word has such substantial meaning.

I have only had one recent IPL treatment with Dr. Juris Bunkis and I'm pleased with the results. I had a few concerns in the beginning & was intrigued by the way Dr. Bunkis rapidly responded to my "newcomer questions" regarding the timing as to when my face would show improvement from my childhood sun damage. 

Dr. Bunkis has a refreshingly caring attitude. He is extremely trustworthy & dedicated to his profession. He acquires personable people skills & tasteful etiquette. These qualities are just as important as his 24 page resume in my book.

I TRUST and recommend Dr. Juris Bunkis for any future medical cosmetic procedures needed. Although I found the IPL treatment to be painful, even with the numbing cream, I am happy with the outcome and glad I did it.

Kim D.

Dr. Bunkis is an excellent plastic surgeon who I trust implicitly.  He performed a "Mommy Makeover" over 20 years ago on me.  At 51 years of age my stomach is still perfectly flat.  Dr. B. has also done a forehead lift and my eyes in my early 40's.   Under his guidance I have artfully maintained my youthful appearance and no one ever knew I had work done.  Last week I finally decided to get my breasts redone and Juris suggested fat Injections in my face.  It has been 6 days and I am thrilled.  I feel so very fortunate to be able to have a plastic surgeon I can trust.

Lance C.

Dr. Bunkis is a true professional! I had a personal cosmetic procedure performed that has both embarrassed and bothered me most of my life. Dr. Bunkis treated me with respect and dignity thru the process. It's only been less than a week so I'm not completely healed, but already thrilled with the results. His office staff and assistances are just as professional and thorough as he is. Tracy, Ashley and Donikkah sincerely care about your comfort and satisfaction with results. I would highly recommend Dr. Bunkis and his staff!

Nancy A.

Highly recommended office! Dr. Bunkis and the staff at Orange Country Plastic Surgery in Newport are wonderful! I found this office through a Groupon. So glad I took the chance on this doctor and his team.

Prior to beginning the IPL treatment, Dr. Bunkis came into the office and conducted a thorough review of my skin. This was to ensure that the laser did not burn me. I have been burned at other offices, so I knew that this was very important. I had a total of three IPL treatments. Two by Dr. Bunkis and one by his nurse Donnikah. Both are extremely skilled. The results were excellent! 

I also had a small red vein removed from the side of my nose. Again, I had gone to another doctor's office without any positive results. One treatment by Donnikah, and the vein was gone. I have returned to the office to have other small red veins on my face removed. Extremely pleased!!

I have great confidence in the personnel at this office, and I look forward to ongoing treatments. Thank you!!

Tracy M.

Dr. Bunkis is the best doctor ever! I had a deviated septum and wanted to tweak a few things on my nose at the same time. I saw two other doctors for a consultation and immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Bunkis' bedside manner. Now my nose is straight and I can breathe better. I'm so happy with the results and have returned for a few other "tune ups" on my face and body since then.  His work is truly an art! I wouldn't have any body else touch my face except him. Thank you Dr. Bunkis!

Evelyn B

Staff: very friendly! 
Doctor: love! He's very sweet, gives you all the information you need, walks you through the procedure ,answers your questions, makes you feel comfortable and at ease! A+++  Will definitely be coming again! :)

Kim E.

The first thing I noticed was how nice and friendly the staff was.  They are genuine and make you feel comfortable.  I came for an IPL treatment- I only bought 1 treatment through groupon since I wasn't sure how I would like the results.  The nurse who did the treatment told me if I was happy with the results that I could call back and receive the groupon rate for the other 2 treatments.  Within 7-8 days I could see changes in the dark spots on my face, they lightened up significantly.  I called back and they honored the group on rate for the other 2 treatments.  This place is definitely worth it!!

Mrs. GG

I bought a groupon for Botox. Wow was I impressed on so many levels. From the cleanliness to the service. The front desk women were so nice. Unlike most plastic surgery offices in Orange County. The doctor spent 30 minutes just explains all the different things I could do non invasive to look younger in my face. He brought the actual bottle of Botox into the room and expelled it from the bottle so I knew exactly what was going into my skin unlike any where I've ever been. I will absolutely come back for my Botox. This place is amazing.


Dr. Bunkis is kind, generous and an artistic genius!  I recently had a lower face and neck lift with fat grafting and a breast lift.  Not only do I look twelve years younger but I look better than I did when I actually was younger!!  I healed quickly with minimal bruising and there was practically no trace of scars two weeks post surgery.  My hair stylist said that she has many clients who have done this procedure and that my result is the best she has ever seen.  He also did a revision of my breast lift from another surgeon and replaced my awful scars with a faint thin line.  Every person in this office is caring, knowledgeable and efficient and will help with any request, question or concern that you have.  I highly recommend Dr. Bunkis and OCPS so look no further for the perfect place to get the best results!


He did such an excellent job and cares SO much about his patents! Several friends of mine have had consultations and he never tells them they need surgery when they don't. One of my friends wanted a tummy tuck and he said she didn't need it. Now, that's honesty!!!


I found him on the internet. Dr Bunkis is a true professional who is committed to his craft and his patients well being. He is an artist and a visionary. His work has truly changed people's lives! I have known him for years and one thing I especially admire about him is that he will only do what is necessary and not what will benefit his bottom line. That's a rare trait for a surgeon in Orange County. His easy going demeanor and professional staff will further enhance your experience. I highly recommend Dr. Bunkis!!


Dr Bunkis is always timely and professional and takes his time to really listen to you. He talked me out of getting bigger implants and I am so happy that he did because the ones he chose for me look completely natural and beautiful!


Dr. Bunkis was outstanding as was his staff


The entire staff - from front office to MD Bunkis - is courteous, polite, professional, happy and friendly. I recommend this office highly.


Dr. Bunkis met with me prior to the IPL treatments. He provided me with information regarding the procedure and what to expect. He also answered all my questions so I would feel comfortable with the procedure. Donnikah conducted the treatment with a great deal expertise. She was very gentle and very mindful of my comfort. It was comforting to know that my face with in good hands!!! The results of the procedure have been simply amazing!!!!!!!Dr. Bunkis is the “Very Best Plastic Surgeon that One Can Ever Have!. Dr. Bunkis, performed a “Sinus Surgery” that has been extremely bothering me for many years. It has substantially affected my personal “Love Life,” while causing me to snore extremely loud. I became extremely insecure while women could not tolerate their “Lack of Sleep” and would “Break Off the Relationship.” Dr. Bunkis answered “Each and everyone of my questions BEFORE and AFTER” the surgery. He went on to explain the procedure “Step-By-Step.” Dr. Bunkis and his staff are highly “Professional & Extremely Approachable.” They all give great concern to your needs and particularly “Recovery.” Dr. Bunkis, Dr. Forensberg, Colette McPhee “Immediately Contact” their patients should they feel discomfort and the slightest pain, along with “Follow-Up” calls upon “Completion of Surgery.” “Colette McPhee, Office Manager goes “Beyond Her Call of Duty” to provide the “Comfort & Medical Care” of their patients.”

I had abdominoplasty almost ten years ago. I was so very happy about my new flat stomach....When I read theese negative comments i have to you realize all the paper work you shouldve read will tell you A) You're not a car,there are so many factors that go into healing properly. Muscle,blood vessels,tissue two are alike!We all heal differently! My friends who did this after me,were not happy .....why? Because neither of them ever exercise!!!! B)When u invest this much money time n energy.....go to the gym! stop eating junk food! Dr Bunkis is a very gifted surgeon who I researched out ,even after all my friends suggested the more well known ones,I knew he was the one!!! I was planning after my 2nd child I would do this ,I saved...researched....and chose him .It has changed my life in ways I didn't think possible. He's awesome!!!! When people make impulsive decisions there is always remorse.He was always professional,courteous,caring! And Collete is a doll!

I did my due diligence with background and credential search and made my decision to have Dr. Bunkis perform my midface lift, upper and lower eyes and breast reduction. This decision was based on his willingness to listen to what I was trying to accomplish, goes without saying that I was looking for a natural refreshed look. The consultation was relaxed, unhurried and all my questions had been answered. After listening to me he gave his opinion and suggestions. At his recommendation a brow lift was "not necessary" One suggestion was to have a small chin implant to help balance my face. I have to say I was a little unsure about that but so very happy that I listened. Such a small proceedure resulted in wonderful results. My surgery and recovery proceeded beautifully. The office staff and post op care was outstanding! I was beyond happy with my results! Still to this day I am complimented on how "great" I look. For me the best compliment is "you don't look like you have had surgery"!!

Extremely happy with my results!! Dr. Bunkis gave me a "natural" look with my face lift...a subtle yet amazing change that gave me a fresher, younger look...exactly what I was hoping for and even better. From the start of this process to this very day...I have been well taken care of and I will be forever grateful I found this extraordinary doctor that literally changed my life.

I have had two surgeries by Dr. Bunkis and am very happy with the results. I has a tummy tuck and breast reduction a few years ago and recently had some liposuction and microfat grafting done. Great job!


My first visit was a little rushed and initially less personal with the doctor, but was still 'very good'--this visit was exceptional from check in to exiting the door. I was put at ease during the procedure by both the expertise and calmness/good humor of the doctor. 10 stars all around.

Gina P

Dr Bunkis's extensive experience in his field is why I went to him 8 years ago to get a tummy tuck. I couldn't be more happy with the result. I have gotten to know him over the years and I recently went back to get a Blepharoplasty on my upper eye lids. Dr. Bunkis is very thorough and took time to educate me before my surgery. He is always assessable to answer questions and gets right back to me no matter how busy he might be. No doubt Dr. Bunkis loves what he does and is very up to date with new technics in his field and he has a special combination of knowledge, surgical judgment, technical expertise, ethics, and has an amazing bedside manner that makes you feel very comfortable. I cannot say enough about his office staff. They are all amazing. Profeesional, you're always greeting with a smile and it's like talking to your best Girl friends.

Suzanne S

What a wonderful staff! Everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome, informed and relaxed.Your practice will definitely be the one I will turn to when I'm ready to have some cosmetic procedure done. Thank you for never making me feel that I'm just a "Groupon" customer.

Mario M

Dr. Bunkis explained to me about the process. In particular areas of concern normally a patient would have to make the right choice. He encouraged me to get a second opinion and look at my options before making the final decision.

Kim N

I was very impressed, I love the new office. The only suggestion I could make is that I think you could sell many more products. Thanks so much, I'm thrilled with results!!

Lynia S

Everyone professional and friendly. I was happy with IPL and Donnha. The doctor was kind and informative. I would return for another IPL or Total FX depending on value.

Susan L.

I was extremely pleased with my visit. I was surprised and really happy that the doctor did a personal consult with me even for just an ipl. The staff was warm and welcoming and Donica (sp) seemed to be knowledgable about ipl and my skin type. My only regret is that I bought the 1 ipl service instead of the package of 3 on groupon. I'm kicking myself that I didn't!

Shelley H

Every moment was perfect. The staff was professional the Dr. Is amazing. When they said no pain, I had absolutely no pain and the surgery was a wonderful experience. The surgical center is professional and comfortable and Judy is fantastic. I had great after care with Ashleigh and Colette an Tina makes you feel like your family not just the next patient. I've been in the beauty business myself for over 38 years and I only would reccomend the best. You won't find better care than this. Stop looking and go see Dr. Bunkis today!

Jacqueline J.

Dr Bunkis was fantastic and took his time with me. Staff the was friendly and efficient.

Jeannine J.

Dr. Bunkis is exceptional! I have been his patient for over ten years, in which time I have always been overwhelmed by his kindness, and patient attitude when I have questions. I always feel like I am a valued client, and that he wants the best for me. BRAVO!!

Jennifer Z.

everyone was very friendly! My lips came out great :) 40 units of botox not near enough ~ probably need twice as much as I have a "full expression face" lol .. I thought the lips were great!! one tube of juvoderm not enough to also fill in lines around nose/lip/cheek though; doctor was great and very precise with wonderful technique and would highly recommend him .. My issue is cost so if you run specials keep me posted :))

Sheri B.

This is my third treatment. It was explained that you may get burn blisters. That didn't occur until the third treatment. I called right away as was explained by Dr. Bunkis. The office immediately put him on the phone and suggested that I could drive over and they would give me burn cream which worked well and would be free. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Leslie B.

The office staff was comfortably inviting and genuinely friendly......not stuffy or snobby...this is a key factor in customer service standards in my book. Dr. Bunkis was professionally confident and promptly answered my questions that I had concerns about after my first IPL treatment. After 12 days, I was pleased with the results. If I choose to have any other procedures in the future, I will go to Dr.Bunkis @ OCPS.

Celina B.

Very professional and informative meeting. Never felt rushed and all my questions and concerns were answered.

Tara S.

Everything was great.I really like Dr. Juris alot ! He is down to earth with a professional touch. He makes you feel comfortable. The only thing you might want to consider is to put a little ice pack for numbing the area before Botox. I'm pretty tough and have been doing Botox for some time but someone else, especially a newby, would help them feel better. You may already do this. When I have a procedure done I will call OCPS

Ariene S.

Very, very pleased with my whole experience! Was nIce to be taken care of quickly and effIciently along with friendly service! !!!

Patricia M.

Dr. is wonderful and the whole experience you feel secure, informed and well taken care of. I would never for to another. The staff is great, especially the receptionist. I highly recommend it!!!

Jennifer S.

Great front office--felt very welcomed and "at ease". Super personable staff at every turn and went well beyond what we expected!

Rachel B.

They are nice, keep a clean office and the Dr. Seems to really know what he is doing. I received a very professional email from him shortly after I left that included contact info for post procedure as well as attachments with info on the company, his experience and the proceedures. Will return!

Alexa C.

I thought all staff members were very welcoming and nice. The doctor was very professional and knowledgeable, he made me feel very comfortable and listened to me. I am very excited for my procedure- Alexa :)

Laura N.

Dr. Bunkis and his staff are great. From the moment I entered the office, I felt comfortable and valued. The genuine friendliness and concern of the staff and the professional skill and personal demeanor of Dr. Bunkis has made me a very happy client! And my results are wonderful! I am confident that Dr. Bunkis and his staff will continue to be a center of excellence for cosmetic surgery and procedures.

Kathy H.

Everyone in the office is friendly, professional, and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr Bunkis and his team for any of your plastic surgery needs

Bianca P.

Dr. Bunkis is the master of rejuvenation! He has addressed a number of my skin concerns and I now feel more confident. He uses the latest state-of-the-art laser technology and techniques to embellish us with no downtime. His staff is very friendly and professional. I highly recommended him.

Ashley T.

I have had surgery previously by Dr. Bunkis and he is truly a gifted surgeon. I have no recommendations for any changes because everything went perfect! Great staff & great communication from every single staff member.

Nora F.

This was my first visit and was very impressed by the staff and Dr. Bunkis. He has a lot of experience and was highly recommended and did not disappoint. Dr. Bunkis was very honest, kind, patient, and answered all my questions. I look forward to becoming his patient and will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Soosie S.

I truly had a great experience at dr. Bunkis office. I purchased 3 IPL treatments from Living Social and truly didn't expect much. But what a surprise...Dr Bunkis was super attentive and thoroughly explains the process completely putting me at ease and the actual treatment was over in less than 10 minutes. After one treatment I see a significant difference and hope the remaining 2 treatments goes just as successfully. Ive already started referring to my friends. This was my very first procedure ever, and I was thrilled with the results! Dr Bunkis is very kind and thorough in his explanations. He takes his time to make sure that you understand and that you have no questions. His staff is very comforting. I recommend Dr Bunkis. 5 stars all the way!! As a registered nurse, I have an additional set of criteria when selecting my healthcare providers. When I was consulting with plastic/cosmetic surgeons about a planned procedure, Dr. Bunkis emerged as the clear choice. I am so pleased with my results, and can recommend him without reservation! He and his staff are true gems in this world ...My sun spots are gone with 3 IPL treatments, and my skin is definitely smoother. I like the friendly demeanor of everyone here and also how I get all my questions answered and more! They care about what they're doing which makes a huge difference.


I never thought I would be someone to have plastic surgery. But at 43 years old and having recently lost 75 pounds I found myself disappointed with my physical appearance. I was referred to Dr. Bunkis by a customer of mine. He had only wonderful things to say about Dr. Bunkis and the difference he made for his wife after her weight loss. I was talking with my customer one day and he asked if I had meet with Dr. Bunkis yet and I said no, I was not ready to yet and did not want to waste his time. He told me it did not matter whether or not I was going to have the procedures done, that I should just meet and talk to him. He was right! I made a consultation appointment in Jan 2014. After meeting with Dr. Bunkis and his staff, I did not even have any other consultations with other plastic surgeons. (And I am the type to always get more than one opinion) After meeting with him only two times I knew he was the right surgeon for me. He really listened to my desired outcome wishes and was very upfront with me about expectations and results. I did not feel that I was being sold. He gave me information to take home after my first appointment to read about the procedures and the risks involved. I read the information very thoroughly and even wrote down my questions in the margins. I made another appointment and he was very patient with me and went over all my questions and answered them honestly. I decided that day that I was going to move forward with Dr. Bunkis and I had a breast lift with augmentation and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) on February 28, 2014. I could not be happier with my results. I look amazing thanks to Dr. Bunkis. My profession is sales and to me follow up is the most important part of my job. The aftercare following the procedures was phenomenal. He even saw me on a Sunday to take the drains out. He and his staff have your best interest in mind and it truly shows. I would recommend Dr. Bunkis to anyone.

Kathi V.

Dr. Bunkis and his entire staff instantly made me feel right at home from the moment I scheduled my appointment to my office procedure. They were extremely accommodating to my changing work schedule and very honest regarding my expectations. I had a great experience and I will consult with Dr. Bunkis for all my future needs.

Kristen C.

Several years ago I had my deviated septum repaired, it was the worse experience and the recovery was so painful. You would think it would be easier and quicker for the fact I was much younger, not true. Unfortunately, a few years later I had a little incident with a softball to the nose. Having my septum repaired again was not an option, no way would I go through that pain again. Time passed, I was getting a lot of sinus headaches. I had a consultation with Dr. Bunkis and felt so at ease with him that I scheduled my surgery less than two weeks after my consultation. I felt incredibly comfortable having him as my surgeon, he answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly, and was there every step of the way. The down time was a piece of cake! I even went back to work two days after surgery and barely had anything to complain about. It’s been several months since my surgery and I could not be happier. I even made Dr. Bunkis my go- to guy for Botox, lasers and all other aesthetic needs.

Geny B.

Starting with the office staff being the friendliest you can imagine- to the administration staff being knowledgeable, professional, courteous, honest and funny! Trusting your "body" to anyone is not easy- but it is with Dr. Bunkis. You will love your results!

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